Featured Testing Programs for Students looking to Study in US

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Testing Programs
for Students looking to Study in the US

American colleges and universities use standardized tests as one part of the evaluation of applicants for admission. Most colleges and universities require a passing score on an English language test. These tests gauge a student’s proficiency in understanding the English language. There are three primary tests available to students, each testing a student’s knowledge and proficiency in a slightly different way. Information about each is listed below.

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The American Education System requires a few standardized tests to be taken by students interested in higher education opportunities. These tests must be taken before applying to particular universities or programs. Descriptions for a few of these common tests are below.

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The American system of education relies on various specialized or “standardized” tests, which students must take in order to apply to a particular university or program. These exams offer universities a common basis for comparison of applicants.

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