Featured Business and Management Programs for Students looking to Study in US

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Business and Management Programs
for Students looking to Study in the US

Whether you are about to graduate or already out in the work world, getting an MBA, or Masters in Business Administration, could be very beneficial for advancing your career. No matter what your situation, getting an MBA provides you with the skills you need in today’s competitive workforce. Before you can choose an MBA program, however, you need to understand what types of programs are out there and how to choose the one best for you. Here is a short summary of types of MBA programs, keys points to consider when choosing a program and major components of the MBA application process.

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Most U.S. MBA programs are two years in duration, which to some people seems too long. Why spend the extra year abroad and out of the work force when one year could suffice? The answer is that the MBA was a U.S. creation, so to get the “real” MBA experience; you should go to the U.S. to study. Studying and living in the United States will give you an understanding of how business is done here, but you will also meet with classmates from all over the globe who will add to your information on the global marketplace. Also, an MBA program in the U.S. is both theoretical and practical, with hands-on application of theory. But these are not the only reasons.

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“The good news for students is that there is a quality business program that can meet the needs of almost anyone in the world.” That is according to Dan LeClair who, as the chief knowledge officer of the leading accreditor of business schools, should know. According to LeClair, “the most important development in business education has been the incredible diversity that has emerged from an unprecedented expansion in global demand.”

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Pre-MBA programs are designed to prepare International students or students with limited business education and experience to pursue an MBA degree. The program provides a basic understanding of business concepts and practices that are an essential part of the standard business curriculum for MBA programs in the United States.

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