What to Expect from a Degree in Information Technology

An Information Technology (IT) program will offer you the knowledge and dexterities to obtain a career in a rapidly growing field. A degree in IT will grant you the option of specializing in certain areas such as: networking, programming, security, or compliance. Pupils within these challenging and rewarding disciplines gain exposure to skills that are needed in today’s corporations, non-profits, state, and government agencies. Students can expect a rigorous curriculum that comprises of network topologies and architectures, various programming languages, server platforms, and security methods. A degree in Information Technology will open many doors and allow you the opportunity to obtain countless certifications.

A degree in Information Technology is the key to a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, competitive, and ever-changing field. The degree is a highly-recognized achievement, and opens a portal to a variety of careers. Whether you are the type of person who desires to work outdoors or the person who adores the comforts of an office, Information Technology field offers career options. People with an IT degree work as systems administrators, network administrators, help desk technicians, software engineers, animators, instructors, and video game designers. Careers in Information Technology offer excitement, as well as competitive salaries and benefits packages.

Information Technology offers a wide range of specializations such as: server administration, telecommunications, network engineering, automation, and much more. Regardless of the specialization you choose, an IT degree will build on your understanding of computers. You might already be the “neighborhood computer genius”; however, with a degree you will be the Information Technology expert for an entire organization. Imagine an entire company relying on your skills and expertise to keep its business afloat. With an IT degree, you could find a career in health-care, government, higher education, law, military, science, and much more.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “Information Technology occupations were paid higher wages than the U.S. average. The highest paid IT occupation was computer and information systems managers, which had a mean hourly wage of $54.75.” Information Technology will open a portal filled with both challenges and monetary incentives that you will reap for years to come.

Today’s firms are seeking individuals who not only possess customer service, interpersonal, and management skills, but they desire people who have strong technical skills. The IT curriculum will help polish your technology and research skills, while training you to function as a productive team to complete major projects. Start a new chapter in your life by obtaining a highly respectable degree in one of the nation’s most lucrative and diverse fields, and you will become a part of an elite group of technology professionals.